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Search sites that are reputed to be easy to find recommended lessons introduce a wealth of lessons and classrooms that can be enjoyed in various ages, from toddlers and elementary school students to university students to working adults. It is popular as a rich matching site that meets the needs of “I want to start something anyway because I have no hobbies”, “I want to take lessons useful for the future”, “I want to find a classroom that even beginners can go to with confidence”.
It is an easy-to-use and convenient service that allows you to search for sports such as swimming, soccer, gymnastics, calligraphy, calligraphy, English conversation, abacus, etc. by category, or search by area of residence. You can apply for a trial reservation from the site.

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How should I apply?
Click “ Experience application here ” and fill in the required information. Please send us a form. We will contact you by email and decide the date and time of the experience.
What is Saga Soo.
A site that introduces and introduces various lessons from across the country. You can easily find a lesson for those who have decided on what to learn.

To classrooms considering publication

Please contact us as it can be posted anywhere in the country

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If you are looking for lessons, go to the site where you can search for recommended schools

Many of you may have felt that you want to start something new because you don't have a hobby, or that you want to expand your life potential with new skills and useful knowledge. On the other hand, I couldn't find a classroom close to my home, school, or workplace, or I had a hard time finding a school that suits me in my busy daily life. I often hear my voice.
A company that has run a soccer school in Tokyo for many years has established a matching site to support such troubles, including sports such as swimming, soccer, and gymnastics, abacus, calligraphy, programming, art, etc. You can search for classrooms corresponding to a wide range of ages, from infants and elementary school students to adults. It has been devised so that it can be searched comfortably at any time, and it can be searched by region and age, as well as categories and themes. Specialist staff are available for consultation, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

It is a convenient matching site where you can search for recommended lessons in a single shot.

By finding new hobbies, going to the classroom and acquiring skills, you will like things that you were not good at, or get jobs that you wanted with qualifications and skills, You can change your life to something more shining. The matching site operated by a trusted and proven soccer school hopes that everyone will have such an experience, and introduces lessons that correspond to a wide range of ages from early childhood to adults. We are A popular search site that has received many impressions that "I met a school I couldn't have thought of myself" because it has a variety of classrooms such as abacus, art, programming, etc. is.
By using the search function by region, you can find a classroom near your home, school, or specific location, such as a station, so you can go to your life without burden. In addition, it is also a great advantage that you can easily find a classroom that offers trial lessons for beginners. We will update the service as a more convenient and comfortable search site, so please look forward to it.